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Why Settle for Less, If you can have the best?

Why Invest In The WL Cube Firewall™?

This magic little cube will be the first of its kind to hit the Philippines, providing an unlimited supply of highly filtered, great-tasting water. No more carrying jugs back & forth to refill, no more restrictions on water use, no risk of water contamination, and no more plastic bottles impacting the environment.

What You Get:

Premium Water Filtration

Patented Firewall™ UVC Water Purification


Biocote® Protection

Compact, robust modern design in a choice of 5 colors

Choice of great tasting ambient, chilled, hot, and extra hot from one dispenser

Touch display for ease of use

Unlimited supply for one fixed fee

Installed & maintained by in-house expert technicians

MAJOR PRIZE (1 week winner)
Free installation fee worth P5,900 & Free half year membership worth P8,940

MINOR PRIZE (50 weekly winner)
50% discount on installation fee

Powered by Waterlogic technology, Aqua SmartGuard leads the water revolution across the Philippines.

The water from our water dispenser is the most clean you can drink— extensively tested and certified by internationally recognised organisations across the world.