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WL Cube Firewall

Perfect for small workspaces and office pantries, the WL Cube Firewall packs incredible features also found in full-sized water dispensers but in a smaller, easy-to-fit build. Now you don’t need to free up too much space because this 13-inch commercial water dispenser will easily fit on your pantry’s countertop or on a stable pedestal or bench. With filtering capabilities that can serve up to 10 users, this space-saving water solution is a great choice.

WL2 Firewall

With a serving capacity of up to 30 users, Aqua SmartGuard’s WL2 Firewall can offer your workspaces unlimited pure and clean water without worrying about refiling your office water dispensers with prefiltered water. As a free-standing commercial water dispenser, you can easily place the WL2 Firewall against a wall and hook it up to a power source.

One of the Most Trusted Brands in Water Solutions

Aqua SmartGuard and Waterlogic have revolutionized how 50 million people – and counting – around the world drink water. With scientifically-backed technologies and certified filtration processes, our office water dispensers offer unparalleled water quality in an unlimited format, so you get more than your daily water needs. In addition to our comprehensive purification process, Aqua SmartGuard is also dedicated to keeping our clients happy and healthy with our total care services without any additional fees, with complete coverage from office water dispenser installation to possible repairs and replacements. Be part of the water revolution today and start enjoying the best quality water that you’ve ever tasted.

FAQs About Commercial Water Dispensers

Q: Are Aqua SmartGuard water dispensers safe for office use?

A: Yes. Our office water dispensers are specifically designed to cater to up to 30 people and ensure that everyone gets the same water quality all throughout the day. Our three-step filtration system also guarantees that employees get pure, clean water.

Q: Do bottle-less water dispensers for offices save money?

A: Switching to a point-of-use water dispenser can save you money by cutting costs for transportation and delivery fees, as well as costs for single-use plastic bottles. With an unlimited supply of drinking water, you won’t have to constantly order prefiltered water or buy ready-to-drink mineral water in bulk.

Q: Where can I buy or rent a filtered water dispenser for my office?

A: Aqua SmartGuard offers high-quality filtered water dispensers fit for your office. You can choose from our catalog of free-standing and tabletop options and subscribe to a monthly service today.

Q: How do commercial filtered water dispensers work?

A: Our commercial filtered water dispensers are functional right after installation. They work by first filtering out foreign debris, substances, and possible contaminants, like lead and chlorine, which may be found in tap water. After filtration, the water is exposed to our high-performance Firewall UVC technology, purifying your water to kill off bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens, including COVID-19.

Q: How long do commercial water dispensers last?

A: Aqua SmartGuard commercial water dispensers are designed with high-quality materials and heavy-duty internal mechanisms to make sure that they can last for years. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, you can ensure that you can use our products for long periods of time.

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