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WL Cube Firewall

Aqua SmartGuard’s WL Cube Firewall is a compact and space-saving option for countertop home water purifiers. With its stylish and modern appearance, this home countertop dispenser will fit in seamlessly with your other kitchen appliances, but without taking up too much space. You and your family can get great-tasting, clean water at just the push of a button.

We’ll Take Care of All Your Water Needs at Aqua SmartGuard

Your subscription fee of PHP1490 includes full insurance, maintenance, repairs and replacements, and full-coverage customer service. Here are some of the services that we offer our clients.


After signing up for our water subscription, you can sit back and relax after you schedule an installation request. Our team of expert technicians will be ready to be dispatched to help you install and ready your home countertop water purifier, so you can use it within the same day.

Regular Maintenance

Like other home countertop dispensers, Aqua SmartGuard’s selection need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that you’re getting the best-quality water. We’ll be responsible for cleaning your devices regularly, as well as replacing internal parts such as the filters and UVC lights whenever they need updating.

Repairs and Replacements

With full insurance, we can assure you that we will cover any repair needs and replacements for factory defects and issues that may arise after installation. Schedule a convenient and we’ll replace your home countertop dispenser units as soon as possible.

FAQs About Countertop Water Dispensers for Homes

Q: Are countertop water purifiers safe for families?

A: Designed with only the best purification and filtration processes, our countertop water purifiers are extremely safe for families, whether for children or for pregnant women. Our heavy-duty water filters and Firewall UVC technology can easily filter out unwanted materials, like lead and chlorine, and disinfect your drinking water from bacteria, viruses, and other known pathogens.

Q: Are tabletop water dispensers child- or elderly-friendly?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s tabletop water dispensers are both child- and elderly-friendly since they are both easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. You won’t need to constantly refill your water dispenser with those heavy water containers since our home water dispensers are directly linked to your water supply, so your children can get clean, fresh water by just pushing a button on the touch display.

Q: How do countertop water dispensers for homes work?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s countertop water dispensers work through a 3-stage process after it is hooked up to your home’s water system. Our home water purifier starts by filtering tap water with a high-performance active carbon filter to remove chlorine, lead, and unwelcome debris. It is then exposed to germicidal UVC light up to its nozzle to kill even the toughest microorganisms.

The third is the added protection that our BioCote technology provides by making sure that the surfaces that your drinking water passes through do not let microbes and bacteria survive.

Q: Are tabletop water dispensers hard to maintain?

A: Our tabletop water dispensers require regular maintenance and cleaning to make sure that all the parts are still functioning with the same precision. Fortunately, our total care services can take care of that for you. All you need is to schedule a convenient time and our technicians will do the maintaining for you.

Q: Do tabletop water dispensers cost less than buying bottled water?

A: Compared to sourcing your water from third-party water purification services, our tabletop water dispensers help you get the best value for your money since you’ll be getting unlimited drinking water without the transportation fees and water containers costs.

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