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Free-Standing Purified Water Dispensers for Better Accessibility

Filtered water dispensers come in all shapes and sizes, with some offering better accessibility and user comfort. With free-standing purified water dispensers, you won’t need to look for a free surface since they can be situated anywhere in your floor area with an open power source. A great choice for offices, gyms, and other workspaces, our free-standing filtered water dispensers can offer users better utilization and accessibility with standardized height and top water filter systems in the Philippines to provide only the purest drinking water.

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Our Automatic Water Dispensers Offer Great Water Solutions

Aqua SmartGuard is dedicated to providing Filipino families and workforces with clean, high-quality drinking water filtered with only the best-purifying systems in the world. With our filtered water dispensers equipped with world-class and scientifically tested technologies – Firewall and BioCote – we offer you unrivaled protection against water contamination as well as the opportunity to lower your carbon footprint by lowering your single-use plastic consumption.

In addition, our services do not end after purchasing a filtered water dispenser from us in the Philippines. We offer comprehensive total care services, free installation, and regular maintenance so you won’t have to worry about your water quality diminishing after a period of time.

FAQs About Aqua SmartGuard Automatic Water Dispensers

Q: What is an automatic water dispenser?

A: An automatic water dispenser is a machine or appliance that provides homes and offices with a choice of hot or cold water for easier water consumption. Traditional automatic water dispensers typically use pre-filtered water and run it through an internal system that automatically heats or chills drinking water. With Aqua SmartGuard’s selection of filtered water dispensers, our appliances are directly hooked up with a water supply, providing you with unlimited clean and fresh drinking water.

Q: Do Aqua SmartGuard’s filtered water dispensers work without electricity?

A: Aqua SmartGuard works with an internal mechanism that requires a certain amount of electricity. While our filtered water dispensers are energy-efficient, they do require a consistent power source to ensure that the units can function efficiently and effectively in purifying your drinking water.

Q: Are hot and cold-water dispensers worth it?

A: If you’re looking for an easier experience in handling hot and cold water, adding a hot and cold water dispenser to your homes or offices would be a great option. Remove the hassle of having to heat water or chill water manually with Aqua SmartGuard’s selection of automatic water dispensers.

Q: Do automatic water dispensers filter drinking water?

A: Traditional water dispensers typically have limited specifications when it comes to filtration. Water dispensers offer only the heating and chilling functions to your drinking water, often requiring them to be fed with prefiltered drinking water. Aqua SmartGuard’s filtered water dispensers are not only equipped with heating and chilling mechanisms but they are also equipped with Firewall technology that efficiently filters water from unwanted impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, and sediments.

Q: How long do Aqua SmartGuard filtered water dispensers last?

A: With proper care and use, Aqua SmartGuard automatic water dispensers can last for many years. We offer regular tune-ups and maintenance to help you prolong your water dispenser’s lifespan.

Q: How do you use a filtered water dispenser?

A: Our automatic water dispensers come with different features that can make user experience easier and hassle-free. You can fill your glass easily with just a push of a button, depending on the water temperature that you want, or use our hands-free dispensing option so you can fill your glass with clean, drinking water without pushing any button.

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