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WL2 Firewall Free-Standing Water Dispenser

WL2 Firewall is an easy-to-operate standing water dispenser that offers you easy access to clean drinking water. Equipped with COVID-secure Firewall purification and BioCote antimicrobial protection, this free-standing water dispenser with filter is Aqua SmartGuard’s innovative to the age-old question regarding water purity and water contamination prevention.

Aqua SmartGuard Offers Total Care Services

With Aqua SmartGuard’s dedication to bringing pure, clean water to your homes and workspaces, we won’t leave you to your own devices after subscription. With no extra charges, we will make sure that your standing water dispenser will deliver only the purest and cleanest water.

Easy Installation

No need to worry about home installations – you just need a convenient schedule, and our team of technicians will do all the heavy lifting and setting up of our floor standing water dispensers for you.

Regular Maintenance

To ensure that the internal mechanisms inside your floor standing water dispenser are still functioning at peat efficiency, we will provide ongoing support and full maintenance, including a twice-a-year replacement of filters and UC lamps.

Repairs and Replacements

Our after-sales customer service will ensure that you won’t have to go through a long process of negotiations for repairs and replacements. We will provide you with these services with no charge, so you don’t have to worry.

FAQs About Our Standing Water Dispensers

Q: What Are free-standing water dispensers?

A: Free-standing water dispensers are appliances that provide households, offices, and other potential workspaces with clean drinking water in different temperatures, whether cold or hot. With their floor-standing feature, these water dispensers can easily be set up in any place where they can be hooked up to a power supply.

Q: Why is SmartGuard’s free-standing water dispensers better?

A: Designed with both Firewall UVC technology and BioCote antimicrobial protection, SmartGuard’s free-standing water dispensers offer only the best water filtration services. With state-of-the-art multiple-step water processing, our selection of water dispensers ensure that you only get the purest, cleanest drinking water there is.

Q: Do all floor standing water dispensers filter water?

A: Traditional floor standing water dispensers typically work by delivering cold and hot water to users. These products require prefiltered water to heat and chill. Our floor standing water dispensers, however, are equipped with Firewall technology that not only filters sediments and other impurities in your water but also gets rid of bacteria and viruses to keep you and your family protected.

Q: Do free-standing water dispensers consume a lot of electricity?

A: Some free-standing water dispensers in the market are not as energy-efficient. Fortunately, Aqua SmartGuard’s dedication to having as low environmental impact as possible, our products are designed to reduce energy consumption.

Q: Are free-standing water dispensers hard to clean and maintain?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s standing water dispensers require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that all the mechanisms and internal processes are working at peak condition. However, with our total care services, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your standing dispensers on your own. Just schedule with our customer services personnel, and we’ll do the cleaning for you.

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