Water Purification Services - Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Repla – Aqua SmartGuard

For only ₱1,490 per month, we’ll take care of all your needs at no extra charge

Twice a year replacement of filters and once a year replacement for UV lamp

Full insurance against all malfunctions or necessary repairs

In-house team of professional technicians sent to your home within 24 hours when necessary

Replacement water dispenser that’s readily available in case yours will take time to fix

Customer service team that’s available by mail, chat, text, or phone call from 9am to 5pm

In-house expert technicians that will assist you remotely via phone call

SmartGuard Easy Installation

It's plug and play. Simply book a convenient schedule and our professional team of in-house expert technicians will visit your home with the water bar of your choice and install it quickly. You'll have your very own fully insured, regularly maintained water bar serving you the most clean water on the planet, in minutes. All this for just ₱1,490 per month.


SmartGuard Maintenance

Our friendly customer experience teams and in-house expert technicians provide ongoing support and full maintenance you can count on—from regular sanitation, replacement of filters and UVC lamps, to any necessary repairs—we guarantee your fully insured water bar is working well and giving you uninterrupted, unlimited, unparalleled clean drinking water. Best part? All this is included in your ₱1,490 monthly subscription fee.


SmartGuard Repairs and Replacements

Worried about the usual after-sales expenses like paying for repairs and replacement? Don't be. Unlike other water machines, repairs and replacement are free of any additional charges—they are included in your ₱1,490 monthly subscription fee as part of the Aqua SmartGuard Total Care Service.


Thousands of businesses and 50 million people trust in Waterlogic's Total Care service

Changing the way you think about water means not having to think about it at all. With the safety, convenience, and service that comes with Aqua SmartGuard by Waterlogic, you’re making the right choice.

Because we design, manufacture, distribute, install, and service our own water dispensers, you can enjoy unparalleled product quality including a range of consumables and accessories, and highly responsive Total Care Service that is second-to-none.

Focus on what matters most whilst we take care of providing you with a constant flow of safe, clean, and great-tasting water.

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