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WL Cube Purifiers

Looking for a space-saving drinking water dispenser for your home kitchen or dining room? Aqua SmartGuard’s WL Cube Purifier gives you a bang for your buck with state-of-the-art filtering and purifying technologies that can protect your family from the most common types of water contaminants there are. Enjoy refreshing, great-tasting water from a compact device specifically designed for family homes.

WL2 Firewall

Are you looking for an efficient home water purifier in the Philippines for your large family home? The WL2 Firewall, our free-standing water purifier, is a great option for larger families with its big serving capacity, providing great-tasting water to up to 30 people. Now you don’t need to constantly get your prefiltered water refilled every few days because our home drinking water dispenser can easily be hooked up to your main water supply for unlimited clean drinking water for your whole family.

Why Choose Aqua SmartGuard for Your Residential Water Purifier?

Here at Aqua SmartGuard, we dedicate ourselves to providing Filipino families with affordable and easy-to-use water solutions to provide their loved ones with the cleanest and purest drinking water. This is why we’ve partnered with the most innovative company that provides the best, certified water dispensers for homes. Designed with the patented Firewall UVC technology, your drinking water is efficiently filtered, purified, and disinfected before it hits your mug or reusable cup.

Our residential water purifier is also designed with BioCote protection, which automatically disinfects your device within 2 hours – lowering the chances of cross-contamination between users. Revolutionize the way you drink water today with our expertly designed residential water purifiers.

FAQs About Our Residential Water Dispensers

Q: What are residential water dispenser and purifiers?

A: An Aqua SmartGuard residential water dispenser and purifier is a home appliance that provides families with clean drinking water with built-in filtration processes and smart temperature control.

Q: Are residential water dispensers safe to use for families?

A: Yes. Aqua SmartGuard provides families with the most highly certified residential water dispenser that can filter, disinfect, and decontaminate drinking water for your family’s daily consumption.

Q: Do home water purifiers consume a lot of energy?

A: Here at Aqua SmartGuard, we ensure that our residential water purifiers are as energy-efficient as possible. While they do need a constant supply of energy, you can set times for your purifier to enter sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity.

Q: How do home drinking water dispensers filter water?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s home drinking water dispensers follow a comprehensive purification process to ensure that you and your family get fresh, great-tasting water all the time. This consists of filtering the water with high-performance carbon filters to remove sediments and purifying water through the Firewall UVC technology to remove disease-causing pathogens.

Q: Is it cheaper to buy a home water purifier?

A: Buying a home water purifier in one go is relatively expensive, especially for small households. This is why at Aqua SmartGuard, we offer cost-effective subscription plans to provide households with effective drinking water solutions without spending too much.

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