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WL Cube Firewall

Are you looking for a compact, space-saving water solution for your home kitchen or your office pantry? WL Cube Firewall offers unrivaled features, from the innovative Firewall UVC technology to the BioCote antimicrobial protection, but in a smaller size that can fit anywhere on your kitchen countertops or any free surface.

Leave the Maintenance to Aqua SmartGuard’s Total Care Services

When it comes to the cleaning and maintaining your Aqua SmartGuard tabletop water dispenser and purifier, you won’t have to worry. We’ll handle all the heavy-lifting and maintenance for you without the additional charges.


Schedule an installation with our customer service, and our in-house technicians will do the whole installation process for your countertop water filter dispenser. Sit back and you’ll have access to the purest drinking water in no time.


Tabletop hot and cold-water dispensers need regular maintenance to ensure efficient filtration and purification. We’ll conduct regular maintenance by cleaning out your unit and replacing filters and UV lamps.

Repairs and Replacements

Is your tabletop water dispenser having issues? Our top-notch customer service will help you troubleshoot your device, diagnose possible problems, and schedule a possible repair or replacement of any defective unit or parts.

FAQs About Aqua SmartGuard Tabletop Water Dispensers

Q: What are tabletop water dispensers?

A: Tabletop water dispensers are compact water solutions that can fit in any kitchen space or small office. It can provide you with an unlimited water supply without taking up too much space.

Q: How does a tabletop water dispenser work?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s tabletop water dispenser works by sourcing water through a direct line to your building water supply. The water is then cycled through a series of purification and filtration steps to ensure that you’re getting pure, clean water without any traces of contamination. You can then navigate through the touch display to choose what temperature you want your drinking to be in.

Q: How long do countertop water dispensers work?

A: Aqua SmartGuard’s countertop water dispensers can work for many years with proper care and maintenance. With our total care services, we can make sure that your tabletop water dispenser will be able to last for many years.

Q: Can countertop water filter dispensers work without electricity?

A: Our tabletop water dispensers require electricity for the filtration and decontamination processes, which means that they would need a constant power supply whenever the device is in use. However, energy consumption is not a big issue since the machine idles after long periods of non-use throughout the day.

Q: Are countertop water dispensers safe?

A: Yes. Aqua SmartGuard’s water dispensers are safe for use for people of all ages. The advanced and innovative technologies used by our tabletop water dispensers ensure that your family or workforce gets only the cleanest water.

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